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The Truth About Aadhar Card Status

Aadhar card status online and also offline can be verified once the voucher for recognition is available.

Only at the time it is required, it will be necessary to provide the data obtained at the time of registration and achieve aadhar card status by number among other methods.

In addition, there may be other methods where the registration number is not essential to aadhar card status inquiry online.

Aadhar today can be a very important instrument for those who carry out multiple transactions every day, such as applying for PAN, obtaining a passport or a mobile phone, among others.

The card provided by Aadhar is possible for your request to be made in any center authorized for registration, also through different banks and post offices.

But if the request has already been made and check aadhar card status is required, you only need to enter the aadhar card status portal.

aadhaar card update status check
Aadhar Card Delivery Status

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How To Check Aadhar Card Delivery Status

To make it easier for Indian citizens to check the aadhar card status, UIDAI has conveniently taken the option of online services.

Choosing any option at the time it is considered necessary is a reality, such as knowing the exact location of registration centers or aadhar card application status online.

Whole process are under the philosophy of making it easier for all people to do it, but if you need to access aadhar card status check online it must be done through the UDAI website.

The aadhar card delivery tracking status can be verified using smart devices or a PC as long as they have internet access.

Upon completion of the registration, each applicant can instantly receive the receipt indicating the confirmation, it contains an enrollment number.

This number consisting of 14 digits is a document that is very important for people so they can easily know your aadhar card status.

If the registration number is not available for any reason, there are also other methods available to access status such as name, PIN, among others.

Aadhar Card Status Online Check

You must have absolute clarity of the important role of the Aadhar card. If the respective request has already been made, the card check status must be added.

To do this, each of the steps that allow you to conveniently do the online aadhar card status tracking from anywhere is described below.

Step 1

Visit www aadhar card online status at www. Through

Step 2

Select verify and e-aadhar card status.

Step 3

Enter registration number.

Step 4

Indicate date, this in dd / mm / yy format and time hh: mm in ss format.

Step 5

Enter Security Code.

Step 6

If there is a problem or inconvenience when you want to click, look for “try another”.

Step 7

Select “Check Status.”

The aadhar card enrollment status online will appear on the screen, then the corresponding registration data will be observed as the number that will have 14 digits.

In addition, the date and time located on the receipt will also be indicated exactly, both the 14 digits and the date / time will be part of the registration to update address on aadhar card

Aadhar Card Status By Name

The approximate time it can take to receive the Aadhar card is 3 months, this after formalizing the respective registration in any Aadhar center.

Before, an established system was not at hand with which to verify aadhar card status by name but is now available to everyone.

Checking the aadhar card status online is necessary to complete each of the steps presented below:

Step 1

Visit the official website available for UIDAI.

Step 2

Locate “Recover lost UID / EID”.

Step 3

Each of the data required by the system such as name, mobile number, email and finally the OTP or security code will be included.

Step 4

If OTP is not currently available, select “Send OTP” and it will arrive in a short time by SMS to the number that was registered.

Step 5

Upon effectively receiving the OTP, place it in the corresponding box and select “Verify”.

Step 6

Each of the registration number data will be accessed and thus enter the system.

Aadhar Card Status By Date Of Birth

Through the official website offered by UIDAI, you will have the option to aadhar card status by name and date of birth, this in order to provide a system that is simple.

In some cases, some users may forget the information given during registration to addhar card status check up.

Despite this there are other methods to enter without any problems and to aadhar card status check by number, including the possibility of using the date of birth.

That said, the process is in two parts, the first is based on being able to obtain the Aadhar card number or the registration card that is where the date of birth is useful.

Then with the data obtained without problems you can enter and check the necessary information.

The steps are:

Step 1

Visit UIDAI website.

Step 2

Locate “Lost Aadhar Card.”

Step 3

Enter all the data, such as the date of birth, also the name and also the mobile phone number granted while the registration was made, finally the Captcha.

Step 4

Locate the specific number of the Aadhar card that needs to be obtained or retrieved.

Step 5

OTP will be requested, if you do not have one, select “Send OTP” this will be received in a very short time by SMS.

Step 6

Upon receiving the OTP, you can immediately enter it in the specific box and click on “Verify”, to the system verify that each of the data does not have errors, it will show the card number.

Aadhar Card Status By Pin Code

Recently it was presented in an innovative way, a function with which it is possible to obtain aadhar card status by name and pin code online.

With the PIN directly it is not possible to access uidai aadhar card status so if the registration number and the number corresponding to the card were lost, the PIN is useful.

For this reason, first of all, recovering the specific data of the card or that of the registration to check your aadhar card status is the most important, therefore it is necessary to:

Step 1

Login to UIDAI.

Step 2

Select “Retrieve card number”.

Step 3

Locate the required card.

Step 4

Write between the data that the PIN is requested, also name, mobile number, among others.

Step 5

Place the OTP, do not have?, is requested and in a short time you will receive SMS with it.

Step 6

Enter OTP and “Verify”, so immediately, the card number can be displayed and you will be able to use the uidai card status check.

Aadhar Card Status By Enrolment No

Each of the applicants has the option thanks to the web system that UIDAI places at the order of the people to aadhar card enrollment status.

The necessary steps are:

Step 1

To get aadhar card status go to the UIDAI site.

Step 2

Locate the corresponding section of the services line for Aadhar and click on “Check Aadhar Status”.

Step 3

Enter ID delivered at the time of registration, in addition to the date and then the time, then “Check status”.

Step 4

The process culminates since the information will be displayed.

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