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Adani Electricity, the largest private thermal power producer in India

Adani Electricity, the largest private Power in Indian is a utility company that fulfills the task of meeting the demand of its consumers throughout the length and breadth of the national territory, providing a better quality of life to its inhabitants.

This company has a large energy capacity as it has seven projects installed in the main states such as: Gujarat with 4,620 MW, Karnataka with 1,200 MW, Maharashtra with 3,300 MW, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan with 1,320 MW, Bitta with 40 MW.

The total capacity of Adani electricity is 12 450 MW, some of these plants are coal-fired, while the others are solar-powered.

How can I check My Adani Electricity bill online?

Adani Electricity The largest private Thermal Power Producer in Indian

To check my electricity bill for the service provided by Adani Electricity, I must proceed as follows:

  • When you have the bill on the screen press the button that says “Pay”.
  • You must have your debit or credit cards handy.
  • Select your payment method.
  • Follow the instructions.
  • Authenticate the transaction in the payment gateway.

Immediately after you have made your payment, the amount will be debited from your account. Remember that the online address is For any of the procedures that users wish to carry out in the future.

Remember that soon Udupi’s power plant will be available and you will also be able to use the Adani Electricity payment online system.

How to pay Adani Electricity bill?

Basically, the procedure for paying your Adani Electricity bill is the same as the one used for paying your bill.

You will need to use your credit or debit cards and once you have filled in your information on the screen, the amount of the current debt will appear on your bill and then you will proceed to make the payment.

Once you have checked the amount of your invoice, choose the option that says “pay”. With your credit or debit card in hand, enter your credit or debit card information in the appropriate box.

After making the payment of your bill amount, then check that the amount has been correctly debited in Adani Electricity bill view.

Take advantage of paying your online bill for Adani electricity on its web portal so that you can continue to enjoy the energy service.

How to pay Adani Electricity bill

Download Adani Electricity official app!

People who want to make any management related to their electricity service from Adani Electricity, should know their respective app to get all the information they want.

The official app of the Adani Electricity company is the best option to make your payments, check the amount of your bill, hire the services of the company, make a complaint or offer any suggestion about the services provided among other concerns.

If you have a smart phone, download the company’s app for any of the steps you want to perform and this way everything will be much easier. This way you will be able to pay Adani Electricity bill online.

How to find consumer number in Adani Electricity bill?

To find your Adani Electricity customer number or consumer number, you must have a printed bill handy. Your consumer number is the one marked “C#”, which is located below the bar code.

If you place the link in the bar, you will be able not only to obtain information about your customer number, but also to know other information such as the amount of your bill, the expiration date, the power contracted by your company to provide you with the service, among other information.

How to change name in Adani Electricity bill?

If the consumer wants to change the name of the User because the service has been transferred, because he/she is going to change residence, or simply because he/she wants to unsubscribe to take the services of another company of the competition, he/she only has to make the procedure through internet, online or go personally to any of the commercial offices of the company.

To change the name in the subscription of the Adani Electricity service, it is necessary to have at hand a form to make such change in the nomenclature, you can get it physically in an office or download the form online and print the form in question.

How do I complain to Adani Electricity?

If I, as a user of the electricity services provided by the company, wish to express any complaint or claim related to the service provided by the company, I must follow the following steps:

The first thing I must do is to resort to the toll free line that the electricity company Adani Electricity has available for these cases 24 hours a day during the seven days of the week, to formulate my claim officially.

The available telephone number of the company is 1 800 532 99 98. Adani Electricity complaint, will receive your complaint, probably you will want to denounce some voluntary or involuntary interruption of the service, or some inconformity with the amount of your invoice.

The company will gladly receive your complaint and will try to resolve the situation immediately.

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