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Aadhar Card Address Change: Now or Never

You can aadhar card address change through the channels available online on the Self-Service Update Portal (SSUP) and be able to do it in a very simple way.

Any other type of details that are required to process your change, including demographic, personal or biometric included in Aadhar, these will be made in the registration centers.

It is essential for aadhar card address update to have a mobile number that is duly registered and also updated in Aadhar, otherwise go to an enrollment center.

When proceeding with the aadhar card address update online, each of the required copies of the list of original POA documents must be loaded only in color and also in PDF format.

It is normal to have doubts about the documents requested for this kind of procedure, for this, consult the link provided especially for the documents required by Aadhar.

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Aadhar Card Address Change Online

If aadhar card address change needs to be made due to some recent relocation, the process is simple.
According to the information issued by UIDAI, there are two ways to aadhar card address correction.


• Visiting registration center.

In the case of aadhar card address change online it is possible to do it only in those cases where people have duly updated their mobile number.This is because absolutely all online transactions are duly authenticated through OTP.

To effectively change the aadhar card address via the web at www. Through Subsequently, when entering the respective card number and the OTP that was received through the mobile phone, it will search the Self-Service Portal.

You must have the list of documents and include them scanned to later send the address change request.When sending everything, the number associated with the request for the required update of the Aadhar card will be received, then it is possible to follow

Aadhar Card Address Change Documents

If anyone wishes to aadhar card address correction online or in person, certain documents are necessary to effectively perform the operation.

Among the aadhar card address change documents is a form that is essential to download and also fill it correctly with the new address.

Likewise, it is mandatory to present documents that prove the veracity of the change requested either online or before officials at the UIDAI centers.

It is recommended before proceeding to carry out the process, to have at hand the aadhar card address change form online already filled and ready to load to the system or be delivered personally.

Also have full prior knowledge about each of the documents that will be required, so as not to enter the system and have to leave the process halfway or that is denied.

Aadhar Card Address Change Form

First, to discard aadhar card address change form it will be at www. Through

After filling out the form, go to the UIDAI website and when you log in you can make the request, a maximum of 4 is allowed.

To be clear at this point how to update address in aadhar card, in the form only the spaces corresponding to the change will be filled, for this case, the exact address.

Each of the data is necessary to write them very clearly, as well as the signature and the footprint at the end of the document.

If the request is made by mail, the form for aadhar card name and address change must carry the documents inside an envelope with “Update / Correction of Aadhar”.

Aadhar Card Address Change Proof

The documents required to aadhar card address proof can be any of these:

• Ration card.
• Voter identification.
• Driver’s license.
• Passport.
• Bank statement / passbook.
• Account statement or post office book.
• Identification cards that have government photos.
• Electricity bill (Less than 3 months).
• Water bill (Less than 3 months).
• For rural areas: A certificate is requested by the head of the town of the domicile.
• Evaluation of income tax.
• Vehicle registration.
• I receive property tax.
• Credit card statement (Less than 3 months).
• Insurance document.
• NREGS work card.
• Gun license.
• Pensioner’s card.
• Freedom fighter card.
• Kissan notebook.
• CGHS / ECHS card.
• Certificate of address that has your photo with letterhead issued in MP or MLA.
• Registered sale.
• Rental contract.
• Address card with your respective photo issued directly by the post office.
• Certificate of caste and address that the photo has.
• Disability card or medical certificate issued for the disabled by any of the governments.
• Gas bill (Under 3 months).
• Passport of the spouse.
• Passport parents (minors).

Aadhar Address Change Status

Once the aadhar card address change online registration is made, it is possible from that moment to verify aadhar card address change online status.

To aadhar card address change status the following will be followed:

• Log in to UIDAI.
• Select “Check status-Update online”.
• This will lead to the state.
• Enter Aadhar number, as well as the URN and SRN.
• Security code.
• Enter “Get status”.

Now the aadhar card address status will be observed, in detail if it was accepted or denied. If accepted, the data will be correctly registered, otherwise restart the process.

Aadhar Address Change Procedure

The aadhar card address change procedure is essential for how to update address in aadhar card online for each individual.

Visiting UIDAI on its official website, what is indicated by the entity that issues Aadhar must be followed step by step?

The steps are simple, starting by logging in to the Aadhar account, then requesting the change for the address, loading the form, then the aadhar card address change proof.

Likewise, it will be selected as a BPO service provider and send the request, thus completing the process in its entirety.

In order to achieve compliance with the change in management process, the procedures must be followed and followed as requested.


Aadhar Address Change Process

To fulfill the aadhar card address change process through the Aadhar base, each of the users can choose “Request for address update (Online).

The process basically consists of four steps according to those established by UIDAI. These steps are:

Step 1. Login In Aadhar
This will start using the card number and then the key received to the mobile.

Step 2. Request Address Update
There is a link to carry out this option.

Step 3. Upload documents
Knowing previously each of the documents that have been requested, it should only be charged if the procedure is online or in an envelope if it is personal or by mail.

Step 4. Choose BPO Provider
The corresponding provider will be chosen for the BPO.

When selecting “Send”, the process will be terminated and only the status of the request that has been made will be verified later.

It should be remembered that if it is the person’s wish to make the online application, it is strictly necessary to have the updated mobile number, as it is the only means to receive the password.

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