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Find Out How Cibil Score Calculation is Made

The Cibil score calculation is a calculation process that takes into account the people’s payment history.
Based on this data, the score is indicated. This score also indicates the level of credibility you have. If you get a high score, it means you usually pay your bills in a day and it is not defaulted.

However, if the score is low, it indicates the opposite and granting some kind of loan or credit to you may be risky for the company.

Thus, knowing how Cibil score is calculated can help you to take the correct measures so that your score increases and you represent more credibility before the institutions.

When someone is seeking a type of loan to buy car, homes, apartments, etc., the creditor company needs to be based on something to identify the risk that the borrower of the loan or credit represents.

In this way, the score is the punctuation that is used as a parameter for the granting or not of the product. To help you better understand how to calculate Cibil score, we have prepared a practical guide.

You can check out how Cibil score is calculated, calculate Cibil score, how it affects your life and what is Cibil Score.

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Cibil Score Calculation Method

Cibil Score Calculation Method

To understand about credit score calculation, you need to consider some things. The parameters used by Cibil take into account some factors:

Past Payment Performance: Individuals past performance on their debt obligations is the most important criterion and contributes approximately 30% weightage to your score; Credit Exposure: The total amount of credit exposure totaled 25% of the total score;

Credit Type & Duration: Type of loan availed whether secured or unsecured loan, and the duration of credit history established contributes an additional 25% to the score;

Other factors: Other factors such as credit utilization, recent credit behavior add the remaining 20% to the account. This is the CIBIL score calculation formula used to indicate the credibility of the consumer!

What is Cibil Score Calculation

Cibil is the institution responsible for calculating the score of citizens in India. The analysis is done and the score is 300 to 900, according to its history. Thus, the closer to 300, the worse is its reputation, and the closer to 900, the better.

Consequently, the more confidence the credit institution will have in its ability to repay the loan and therefore the better the chances of its application being Approved.

Each bank has its own parameters for granting or not lending and credit. However, it is observed that most consider a good score from 750. Each bank can also make personal loan eligibility calculator.

Home Loan Eligibility Calculator

If you are looking for a loan, it is important to know that banks consider your score and your payment history. There are several banks that offer loan eligibility calculator by the website itself.

That way, you can do the calculation by the Internet, without having to even leave the house. This is a tool mainly used by those seeking loans, such as those used to buy cars or homes. When the bank analyzes your credit history, there are no debts or debt details you have.

The bank has only contact with the score obtained and the percentage of odds of default by the consumer. Banks such as HDFC, Axis Bank and ICICI provide online calculation tooling. Cibil itself also has the website where it is possible to calculate your score and loan eligibility.

What to do With Low Score

Some procedures allow you to increase your score. However, it is imperative to mention that there is no way to increase your score in a manual way, not even paying for it. To get more points, you need to adopt some postures that will help you gain more credibility.Paying your accounts in full on a day is the main factor that should be considered.

If you have overdue accounts, seek to resolve or renegotiate them. Cibil also identifies the positive measures we take and this helps us earn points.Use credit. When you place the credit to rotate, pay it correctly, your score  increases considerably.