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Great Reasons to Access CIBIL Score Report

At all times the Cibil score report will be of utmost importance to any individual whether he or she is a man or a woman of legal age residing in India.

With this report, the interested person will have access to the credit history in real time. This will give them the opportunity to monitor their banking movements, credit card payments among many other things.

A cibil score full report will give an exact result comprised of three numbers between the number 300 and 900. You must take into account that this number must be kept above 750 points in order to be able to opt for a new loan.

Nowadays everything is easier to do from the comfort of our homes, so below you will learn everything related to the Cibil report so that you can take advantage of it and ask for yours.

It is important to note that always being informed about the Cibil report will give you the opportunity to correct any errors before applying for a loan, either with one of the many recognized lenders that operate in the country or simply directly with the bank you trust.

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What is a CIBIL Score report?

cibil score report pdf

With the CIBIL score report the interested party will be able to find out in real time how their banking movements are going as well as to know the pending payments of their credit cards.

All this with the idea of not falling into arrears, as this could lead to a lawsuit by the lender.

As explained above, cibil score and report is simply the sum total of a person’s credit history. This report, known by many as a CIR or Credit Information Report, must be understood and for this reason it is explained in the following image.

get cibil score report

This history is made up of 3 digits ranging from 300 to 900. In the worst case a person who does not make his payments well and is late at all times his report will show figures close to 450 points.

But in the opposite case, if the person makes all his payments and keeps up to date monthly throughout the year, the report will show figures higher than 750 points, which is the minimum measure for a bank or lender to actually pay attention to your request for a new credit.

Steps to access the CIBIL score report

To get cibil score report is very easy, since once you enter the official Cibil website you will be able to choose the plan that best suits your needs, since with it you will have real time access to know how the credit information is doing.

cibil score full report

Depending on the plan you choose, either Premium, Standard or Basic, then you will have to create a profile to verify it later so you can make the payment. Once you have done all these steps you will be able to know the cibil score & report in real time.

cibil score and report

Can I download the report from CIBIL score?

Of course you can cibil score report download once you have accessed the Cibil platform system.

We remind you that you can use the Cibil report once a year, since the time used to study a person’s credit history is based on the previous 6 months.

However, there is the possibility that you may want another Cibil report to monitor it in real time. If so, you will only need to access an unlimited plan on the official website.

cibil score report download

Which information contents are at CIBIL report?

The information that a Cibil report will handle is very simple. It will be based on the study of banking movements, credit card payments and loans with third parties that a person has had in the last 6 months.

It is important to note that if you wish to apply for a new loan right now, you must be sure that your credit score is higher or at least in the range of 700 points, since most entities require a minimum of 750 points.

Report CIBIL score application status

It is good to inform the person or bank about your Cibil report, as they will be able to corroborate that your credit history is acceptable in order to make the loan.

With this report, which is issued or taken into account one per year, you will be able to demonstrate that your credit history was maintained or is above 750 points. If it is not, it is very likely that you will not be able to apply for credit.

Does the report of CIBIL score have a password?

In order to be able to access the information that a Cibil report provides related to an individual’s credit status, the person who created the profile created a secret password that will only be used each time they wish to enter Cibil’s official website to verify and monitor their credit history in real time.

This password will be asked for as well as the name that you used when you created your account at Cibil to see your annual credit report.cibil score report login

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