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Don’t get thirst! Know everything about your water bill in India!

Your water bill is one of most important ones you have to pay among all of them. Having this bill paid means a supply for your baths, for your food hygiene, your thirst and your welfare as well as your family´s.

First of all, we would like to inform you that this site is not the official one. Our goal is to assist our readers with accurate and reliable information.

That´s why the main goal of this article is providing our readers knowledge about the water bill in India. However, this article will not be limited to water bill payment.

Above all, it will deal with very important issues related to this public service such as calculating your consumption, for example. We´ll also talk about how to use your water supply in an intelligent and economic way in order to avoid further problems.

Keep reading and you will find out relevant information about how to use this quite important resource as wisely as possible.

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How is the water distribution regulated in India?

water bill online payment

Certainly, that´s a very important issue for all of the citizens who were born and/or live in the country. The states are the national units which have the power related to this area. That´s due to a constitutional decision by the Government of India Act, 1935.

Because of that decision it´s up to the states to regulate:

  • Drainage and embankments;
  • Hydropower and fisheries;
  • Irrigation and canals;
  • Water storage;
  • Water supply

But the Union has its power to legislate about related issues, such as:

  • Adjudication of inter-state water disputes
  • Navigation and shipping on national waterways;
  • Regulation of the use of tidal and territorial waters

Besides the mentioned ones above, there is extra legislature related to more specific situations.

Find out here who is responsible for the water distribution In India!

As we previously explained on the topic above the power to legislate on water distribution is in the hands of states. National legislation apart, the state legislature is practice through specific agencies for each of them which comprise the country.

More specifically, the responsibility for set the water and sewage policy is in the hands of:

  • State governments;
  • Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation;
  • Ministry of Urban Development;
  • Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation, at Federal level.

Besides those institutions, there are over 3,000 urban service providers and about 100,000 rural service providers.

How to get water bill online?

Getting your water bill online in India has turned into a relatively simple and fast task. Wherever your bill is linked to, Kerala water bill, Huda water bill or Goa water bill, the procedures to get it is similar and simple.

You have to follow these steps:

  • 1st) Go to the agency website responsible for regulation the water and sewage services in the area where you live in;
  • 2nd) Look for the menu services on the respective website;
  • 3rd) As soon as you had achieved the previous task, look for an option “services”;
  • 4th) On that very same menu, you will find an option related to “water bill”. Tap on it;
  • 5th) On that menu, you´ll find an option which may provide your water bill online with all the information you require.

Some of the steps mentioned above may vary from website to website, but, on the whole, the processes are very similar.

How to calculate water consumption?

Being able to calculate the consumption of water in your residence is very useful. Each and every citizen or family who wishes to use that very important resource wisely should be capable of doing it.

Well, to start we may say that there may be several and different methods. On our article we are going to suggest our readers by showing a method that sounds easy and simple to be used.

On the whole, the most important is checking the use of water in different situations, as mentioned as follows:

  • Bathroom water use (how many showers a day/length of each shower,etc);
  • Toilet water use (number of flushes per day/liters the toilet uses per flush);
  • Water taps use (number of times each number uses to shave, bursh teeth, wash hands,etc);
  • Washing dishes (how many times dishes are wash/how long does it take to wash them);
  • Laundry water use (how many loads of laundry are done per week/how many liters of water are used);

After calculating the general use in your household, it´s convenient to compare the use in it to and average amount in India. Thus, you will have an idea if your consumption is over or above the national use.

In case it´s over it will be possible to check what routine may be changed to have a lower water consumption.

How to pay online water bill?

A water bill payment online is a very convenient way for paying this bill, for sure. MCGM water bill, HMWSSB water bill and HSVP water bill are a few examples of institutions which provide their clients this service.

The good news is: wherever you live in you will be able to get your water bill pay online. But, there are still some people who don´t know how to do it or are even afraid of doing it.

Actually, the institutions which are responsible for regulating that service on your area provide safe internet-based payments service.

As far as the service it´s very similar to the one we have described on a previous topic:

  • 1st) Go to the agency website responsible for regulating the water and sewage services in the area where you live in;
  • 2nd) Look for the menu services on the respective website;
  • 3rd) As soon as you had achieved the previous task, look for an option “services”;
  • 4th) On that very same menu, you will find an option related to “water bill”. Tap on it;
  • 5th) On that menu, you´ll find an option which may provide your water bill online with all the information you require.
  • 6th) Choose the option “pay water bill online” or similar. You will probably be required your RR number;
  • 7th) Depending on the area where you live in, there may be offered more than one option to pay. If that´s the case, choose one of them;

The confirmation time may vary from area to area. But as soon as the payment is confirmed you will get a confirmation note.

What is RR number in water bill?

Many people don´t know what a number which is in all water bills stand for: RR The “RR” number means “Revenue Register” number and it works as the number that was assigned to the customer´s installation.

After an installation is serviced, an RR number is assigned to it and it is painted on the meter board. It is an important number, not just because of being associated to your meter board, but also to allow you many tasks.

For example, online water bill payment, as we mentioned on the previous topic, as well as other situations.

How to reduce water consumption in India?

water bill payment goa

Many people would like to know how to reduce the water consumption at their homes. That´s certainly a concern not just in India, but in each and every country in the world.

Some suggestions that may help you are:

  • Reuse the water;
  • Prevent water wastage in running taps
  • Products labeled as “eco-friendly” may be helpful to avoid water contamination;
  • Other ally for the water consumption reduction is a non-toxic detergent.

On the topic “How to calculate water consumption” some situations mentioned also may help on the water consumption reduction.

The most important is mapping the routines involving the use of water and establish only the necessary use, avoiding waste.

What happens if you don’t pay your water bill?

Sometimes we get through unexpected situations in our lives and one of the consequences is the impossibility of paying our bills.

As far as the water bill it´s important to know what happens if you don´t pay it. We advise you, in case you can´t pay the bill, to contact the office and check possible alternative ways of paying it.

In case the solutions provided don´t fit your current possibilities, the company will disrupt your water supply.

Besides, the value related to previous month is going to be added to next month´s bill plus charges for the delay. To have the service working again, it´s necessary to pay the values that are still due.

More information in this video:

You eventually hit the end of our article. We hope your reading have been easy and nice. Besides, we expect the information you found on it may have been useful and straightforward.

Having you as our reader is quite important and it´s the main reason of our work. We wish you all the best!

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