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Aadhaar Card Download in 3 Minutes

Being able to aadhar card download is a must for citizens of India who wish to enjoy some privileges in terms of well-being referred to by the government of India.

This card can serve as proof of address and also for the identity of individuals. When aadhar download, 12 digits denoting the identification number will be observed.

The document is delivered by the Authority for the Unique Identification of India (UDAI), this is the body that has the authorization for management.

At the moment in which any person performs the uidai download aadhar card, it is possible to go to any Aadhaar center or in banks or post offices.

At the time of aadhar card form download and printing a card you can use the identification used for registration, also the virtual identification or the number provided by Aadhaar given by UIDAI.

Once the number is issued, some necessary steps must be taken to effectively achieve the e-aadhar card download.

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Aadhar Card Download Online

Aadhar card download to be downloaded through the online channel is only an electronic form for the Aadhar card.

This means that it is possible to aadhar online download and also use the e-Aadhar to perform some types of checks at the government level.

In the same way as the Aadhar card, the e-aadhar download will contain absolutely all the information that is required.

Within the information it contains are demographic details, biometric data, photography and all general information, Aadhar number, date of birth and also sex.

To be able to use the e-Aadhar in the first place you must follow all the steps required for the e aadhar free download and follow at all times each of the steps that are requested.

For aadhar card download online, only 5 steps must be completed by visiting the UIDAI website at www. Through or through the application of updated aadhar card

Duplicate Aadhar Card Download

Thanks to the new system that is in operation, the uidai aadhar card download online is only one click away.

Currently, it is possible to duplicate aadhar card download as well as the uid aadhar card download online in an easy way through the aadhar card download website.

This process can be carried out for cases where the Aadhar card is lost or stolen, even if the card was not received even if the confirmation has already been received by SMS.

For these cases, duplicate aadhar card download online must be requested, it is necessary to have at the time of the request the detail of the registration receipt as time and date.

If it happens that the receipt received at the time of registration is lost, it is necessary to go to the UIDAI website and look for the section for this case.

How To Download Aadhar Card

All the steps for how to download aadhar card are described below.

Step 1

For this step, you must have the Aadhar card or, failing that, the registration number as well as the time and date indicated on the registration receipt for the uidai aadhar download application.

Step 2

Log in to aadhar download site and search specifically for “online services”, then “Download Aadhar” and enter each of the requested details.

It will be required:

  • Registration ID, Aadhar number or VID.
  • Full name.
  • PIN.

Step 3

The TOTP / OTP request will be made, in case of not having it, “Request OTP” will be selected.

Step 4

The OTP will be received in a short time, enter it exactly in the requested field.

Step 5

You must download e aadhar card print download, to view the PDF of Aadhar you will be asked for a password.

This will be the set of the first 4 letters of the name followed immediately after the date of birth, for example Raje1976.

Aadhar Card Download By Name

In the past, options available in the system for aadhar card download by name were not available.

Therefore, the development was observed very closely in this area and updates have been made to the page at which time residents can add download by name.

Previously, to make the online aadhar download it was necessary to print the duplicate through the aadhar card download by aadhar card number or the Aadhar receipt.

The number of people who had to face problems began to increase greatly due to the loss of the registration coupon. It was not possible to get aadhar download.

The first thing for how to download aadhar card by name is to go to the official UIDAI website and then search for “Aadhar number”.

Subsequently, it is necessary to enter:

  • Full name.
  • Email.
  • Registered phone number.
  • The temporary type password sent to the mobile.
  • Enter the OTP (if you don’t have one, request it).
  • Verify OTP.
  • Ready, you can e-aadhar card download online.

Remember that as a requirement for entry using this modality it will be with aadhar card download by name and date of birth the latter will be the one set for the password.
new aadhar card download

Download Aadhar Card By Number

This is another method that can be quite simple in order to achieve aadhar card download by number and be able to find the Aadhar card number.

It consists of sending an SMS with: “UID GETUID” plus the registration number to 51969 and with the information received enter to download aadhar card.

Another option for aadhar card download by mobile is not through the Aadhar website in “Aadhar services”.

Then, locate “search UID / EID” to find or the card number or registration number and then enter all the requested data, including the mobile number.

Subsequently, the OTP will be entered, if it is not available, it will be requested by means of “obtaining OTP” and the option will be entered. Then, finally the mail ID and the mobile number that has been registered will be received.

Aadhar Card Download By Enrolment Number

If it is not possible to download aadhar card by aadhaar number either because you do not own the card or the card number has been forgotten, it is possible to aadhaar card download with enrolment number.

To do this, go to aadhaar card download site and search for “Download Aadhar” and then indicate the 14-digit number corresponding to the registration number as well as the date and time.

So, other data will be requested which must be indicated as the full name, PIN and the Captcha. Then the OTP is needed which can be requested.

Upon receiving the OTP, the information will be located in the area for it, to complete the download my aadhar card select “download Aadhar”.
aadhaar card update status check

Download Aadhar Card By Mobile

The AadharApp consists of an official application that has been developed directly by UIDAI in order to provide an interface to each of the Aadhaar holders.

After adding aadhar card application download, you can log in using any of the mobile devices and use the features offered.

Then, to know how to add a download App, it is available through the stores of any operating system.

You will have access to functions such as searching for lost EID / UID, verifying the Aadhar, updating status, use of QR code, among others, it is essential that the mobile number is previously registered.

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