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Discover How to Check the Aadhar Card

Aadhar card is a 12-digit ID issued by the authorities of India – Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI).
The Aadhar card features technology such as biometric identification of each user.

In addiction, it also feautures fingerprint and personal data such as date of birth and address. The card identification number can be registered by your cellphone and facilitate your life in many situations.

The Aadhar card has your personal information and can be updated as they change. Aadhar Card allows the update of data such as:

  • Change of address
  • Name change (in marriage, for example)
  • Change of phone number
  • Cange of city

Most erros happen in the Act of registration, so it is important to be aware od data in the application.

People can speak more than one language in India, the person who speaks “X” can be with the language inscription “Y”, and do so some erros may occur.

The residente can change the language of the inscription in the futuro to avoi conflicts.

In this case, all the information printed in Aadhar Card will need to be updated.

The Aadhar card correction can be done easily and quickly!

The card is not mandatory for government employees can receive their pay or pernsion.

However, there were reports about peolple who have gone through difficulties when applying for retirement without the Aadhar card.

In addition, it is possible to register the Virtual ID Aadhar (VID), which allows multiple transactions.

The Aadhar card apps is a way to turn your use more funcional.


check aadhar card
What is Security Code in Aadhar Card

Check Aadhar Card by Name and Birth Date

The card allow the status queried with a search by name, date of birth and registration number.

If you’ve forgotten your registration number, you can retrieve it by contactin the Aadhar service or online, by providing your name and phone number.

The Update History shows all the updates or changes that you made on your Aadhar Card.

Updates relating to date of birth, address, name, gender or any type of change can be showed.

It may take up to 3 months (90 days) so that you can receive your Aadhar card. Initially, the was no way a search card status by name.

However, some developments have occurred and it has become possible.

This services allows the Aadhar Card cheking by name and date of birth on your Aadhar card, that can representes a big facility in your daily situations.

Follow these steps to do it:

  • You have to go to the resident UIDAI website > find UID EID
  • Select the option you need, “Aadhaar No (UID)” or “Enrolment No (EID)”, under “You want to receive your lost:”
  • After do it, you have to enter your full name
  • In the next step, enter your email address
  • Enter your registered Mobile Number
  • Enter your security code and click on “Get OTP”
  • One Time Password (OTP) will be sent to your mobile and email address
  • In the box, enter the OTP that you just received on your mobile and email address
  • Click on “Verify OTP”

Now you will receive a message on your mobile with your AADHAR card number or Enrollment Id as you selected.

The Aadhar Card Center

If something happened with your Aadhar card or if you lost it, you can contact de Aadhar Center.

You can check the Aadhar card center nearest you at online Locaton.

The online locator is available on the oficial Aadhar card website.

The locator allows you to notify your State or district. From this information, the site shows a page with all the centers near you, so you can chose one.

Some questions like “How to check if my mobile number is linked to Aadhar card” are common.

If you want to know, you can check directly on the UIDAI site and follow these steps:

      • Visit de official UIDAI website
      • In “Aadhar services” menu, click in “Verify Email/Mobile Number”
      • On the new page you will be redirected, you have to enter your Aadhar number, e-mail and/or security code
      • If your mobile number registration Aadhar Card, so you will receive an OTP on your email or mobile number which is already mentioned in your Aadhaar data
      • Now, click on “Verify OTP” option
      • In case of valid entry, so the next page will show you this message: “Congratulaion! The mobile number XXXXXXXXXX matches with our records!”

The Aadhar card online check is easy and helpful! So you can ask for Aadhar card correction, card update, to link aadhar card to mobile phone, aadhar card online check… in the Aadhar Center.


How to Check Online the Card Status

If you want to check your data or details entered on the card, you can make in a online way. Users can get the online card providing details such as the number, date, pin and address.

It makes possible for you to consult your information or card status, and it can be very helpful in your day. In the UIDAI website, you may to go to the “Check Aadhar Status” in “Aadhar services menu”.

So, enter your Enrolment ID, date and time of enrolment, security code and click on the “Check Status”. If you want to download e-Aadhaar, click on the Download Aadhaar button.

If you want to get your Aadhaar on mobile, you can select the Get Aadhaar on Mobile button.There’s another method to check the status of the Aadhar card is through the mobile number of the applicant. But you have to be kept in mind that the mobile number provided by the applicant should be verified.

Discover how you can do it: You hate to go to UIDAI’S official website. At the “Aadhar Services”, click in “Enrolment/Download E-Aadhar Update” You will be redirected to the Aadhaar Kiosk, upon clicking on the above this option.

One can find a number of options on the screen such as Aadhaar enrolment, updating of Aadhaar and status check. So You have to click on the ‘Verify Email/Mobile’ option that is showed on the right side of the page. The applicant gets redirected to a particular page. There will be asked to verify the mobile number provided by him.

After do it, one needs to type the 12 digit Aadhar number and either email ID or mobile number.

A security code will appear on the screen. Enter that code and click on the option ‘Generate Verification Code’.A verification code is immediately sent on the mobile number. Enter the verification code received on the screen.Click on ‘Verify’ option that appears at the bottom of the screen to complete the verification process.

How to Correct or Update the Card Information

Now, the UIDAI enabled users can change or update the card fro na easier way.

It can be done both online and in person.

  • The first step is to access de SSUP
  • Click on “Continue” after Reading the information presented
  • Enter your 12-digit code of the Aadhar Card
  • After these steps, type the verification code and then click “Send OTP” or “Enter TOPT”
  • You have to type this OTP to be able to access your Aadhar Account
  • Selection the option “Address” and send it. You will have to type address provided in your registration
  • Click “submit update request”
  • If you want to change the address, you have to click on “edit”
  • Select the type of document you want to send to the PoA
  • Upload a scanned copy and send it
  • The provider will check your information and forward to the UIDAI.

After do the correction or update on your card, will force the Aadhar new aadhar card download

How to Link Your Card to the Mobile Number

One of the facilities that the Aadhar card offers is the link between the card nad your phone number.

In addition to be a facility, call the Aadhar and phone number became mandatory by the Government.

This measure was taken in order to avoid phone numbers in false documents.

To make the link between the telefone number and your card, does not have any costs and it is very fast!

We’ve taught you how to relate the number through na OTP, now you will learn otherwise.

Check out how you can do this:

You can follow the off-line process to link yout SIM card with your Aadhar card by visiting a retailer.

  • Call 14546 from your mobile number
  • Choose whether you’re na Indiano or NRI
  • Give your consente to Aadhar card no verify, by pressin the number 1
  • Enter your Aadhar number (the 12-digit), and you have to confirm it by pressin the number 1
  • Na OTP will be generated and it will be sent to the registered mobile number
  • You have to give the consentment to your operator to access your UIDAI name, DOB and photo.
  • IVR reads, enter your OTP received
  • Lastly, press the number 1 to confirm the process and do the Aadhar card verification.

After this process, your phone number will be linked to your Aadhar card.

This is a easy, fast and autonomous way to perform the link, no need to drive to the UIDAI.

All the Aadhar card search are so simple, fast and you can do it by yourself.

In the most of times, directly in the UIDAI site.

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