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Mahadiscom, India’s largest electricity distribution company

Mahadiscom, India’s largest electricity distribution company, is the company with the largest number of subscribers, as it has more customers than any other company supplying electricity to homes and factories or product factories in general.

This company, located in Delhi, is one of the pioneers in implementing the clean energy system, a term that is also known as green energy.

It has replaced coal with solar energy through the roofs of houses and service stations for electric vehicles.

Pune and Nagpur are two centers that have also worked with this clean energy management through Mahadiscom and its new projects to implement a pollution-free power distribution system through Mahadiscom solar.

How can I check my electricity bill online in Maharashtra?

Mahadiscom India’s largest electricity distribution company

To check your electricity bill online in Maharashtra you have to follow the steeps given below:

  • With your cell phone enter the Mahadiscom company app.
  • Press the button that says “Electricity Bill/Bill” and hit “Enter”.
  • Then go to the list of options.
  • Enter your identification code.
  • Click “Continue”.

In this way, as we have informed you, with Mahadiscom bill, not only can we check the amount of your invoice, but we can also, as we have seen, proceed to the corresponding payment of the invoice.

How to get the consumer number of Mahadiscom?

To obtain my consumer number with Mahadiscom, it is a very easy and simple procedure. If you have a contract printed by your Mahadiscom company, you will be able to see your consumer number right there. Also on any previous billing receipt, you will be able to see it.

On a bill issued by Mahadiscom, all details of the bill including your consumer number and your BU* as well as previous captcha are displayed with Mahadiscom login.

In case of doubts you can approach the commercial offices of the company and they will advise you to know your consumer number to be able to manage your payments by internet.

How to pay Mahadiscom bill online?

To pay your consumer invoice of the month or the overdue invoices of the company Mahadiscom, you proceed in the same way as you did to check your invoice, only that you finish the procedure by pressing the button that says “Pay and taking into account the Mahadiscom console.

Returning to the steps we will see that you must follow them as indicated below:

  • Look for the app of the Mahadiscom Company in your Android.
  • Take the option “Electricity Bill/Bill” and hit “Enter”.
  • Then go to the list.

Taking these details into account, I invite you to enter the official website of Mahadiscom to make your payment online, so you will avoid the power outage in your home.

What is ht consumer and it consumer in Mahadiscom?

How to pay Mahadiscom bill online

When we talk about ht consumer, we are referring to the high voltage current that is used on a large scale for energy consumers who are above 12 kilovolts of consumption to cover their energy needs.

In the LT.14 connection of July 2020, family homes and small businesses such as stores and offices that do not need to consume a larger amount of energy are included.

Mahadiscom has arranged a very complete service network for its consumers, thus meeting its imposed goals.

Mahavitaran consumer app

We are talking about an application that is available on the web so that Mahavitaran’s electricity consumers can make all the arrangements they wish and that have to do with their contract for the supply of energy by the company Mahadiscom.

This application allows customers to view the amount of their outstanding billing payments, ratify overdue and cancelled payments, clear any doubts regarding the electricity power they have selected and make any complaints or claims regarding the service provided by the company.

The company’s official app in Mahavitaran, (M.S.E.D.D.C.L.) allows its consumers to obtain other additional services Track daily consumption. immediately, such as:

  • Making the request for a new subscription.
  • Send the exact meter reading to avoid being billed by approximation.
  • Track daily consumption.
  • Update the subscriber’s data in case there is any variation with respect to the initial contract.
  • Check the customer’s consumption history.
  • Contact multiple connections of electricity service operators that have customer service 7 days a week for 24 hours.
  • Observe web console Mahadiscom.

How to change address on electricity bill Mahadiscom on line

To change address on electricity bill Mahadiscom on line, you must use the app that the company has for these cases which is and take the option to enter your contract to change your address on the page.

You can also call the telephone numbers available for users at 02 556-2538 93, send an email, or go personally to the official offices of the company to notify the change of residence for a good service of Mahadiscom/solar.

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