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My CIBIL Score

In fact, to know the truth about my Cibil score the only thing I have to take into account is to have fulfilled my previous payments and loans that have been or are being made in a period of time of up to 6 months.

Today it is very easy to make many arrangements that were previously tedious and time-consuming.

Now thanks to the help of the Internet from the comfort of our homes we can make arrangements that otherwise would take us more time, either by the distance factor or by the long lines of people who like one want to make such arrangements.

To get my cibil score the only thing I will have to do is to look for the right application on the web, the one I like best and that adapts to my needs. Among the most popular ones, there are some that work better, so it is good to do some tests first.

Usually they all work the same way, giving the credit history in a short time so that you can monitor your credit card movements in real time.

As well as payments, debts and any transaction related to other loans, since without doubt you will be asked for your credit history by any entity to which you borrow the amount of money.

If for any reason you find yourself in arrears with a low score, that is, from 300 onwards until you reach 500.

The best thing to do is to find a way to pay off that debt as soon as possible in order to avoid any lawsuits that would put you ineligible for loans in India for 7 years.

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How Can I Know My CIBIL Score?

To know my Cibil score you must first of all take into account that the Cibil score is based on the sum of your credit history for the last 6 months.

This report will show a 3-digit number that can vary from the lowest that in this case would be the number 300 to the highest and best with the number 900.

For this reason, the best way to know my cibil score is to access the official pages of different websites that provide this service to millions of users in India and abroad.

This way I will have the opportunity to monitor all the credit card movements in real time, which will significantly help to make better arrangements to pay off the established installments on the loans that are pending every month.

Steps To Login My CIBIL Score

In order to be able to my cibil score login I must first create an account on the different platforms that serve to obtain credit reports for any individual who complies with the requested steps.

For example, the official website of CIBIL only asks the user to indicate his or her name and secret password, which he or she created at the time of subscription.

calculate my cibil score

However, if you are not yet registered on this platform, all you have to do is choose the plan the Cibil website that you like best and you can access it at any time to see your Cibil score.

my cibil credit score

Where Can I Calculate My CIBIL Score

Just as there is the CIBIL website, there are other platforms that provide the same or similar service to calculate a person’s credit history. For that reason we will mention them below:

To begin with, there is paisabazaar, which offers more and more possibilities for you to get in touch with them.

Since you can become a member once you enter the official website and through your phone number, downloading the VQR code in your Smartphone or through your Facebook or Google profile, you will quickly be able to know your credit score.

my account cibil scoreOnce you do any of the above procedures, then you will be able to access the website to calculate your credit score.

There is also the possibility if I want to know my cibil score to visit the official website of Bajaj that works very well once you complete the steps indicated that you will see in the following image:

my bank cibil score

As you can see, you must select your occupation, as well as your first and last name, updated mobile phone number, the amount of your monthly salary at that time, your email, the PAN card with date and your PIN number.

Can I Get Loan If My Score CIBIL Is 600?

As a general rule in India, credit scores should be above 750 points, as this would indicate that the individual is solvent in his payments and knows how to use the different means to be updated about his credit history.

Now, if my cibil score is 600 I can get personal loan, and the answer to that is that there is a possibility of that happening.

Thanks to the help provided by theofficial website of CreditMantri, you will be able to access a personal loan with the support of Equifax even if you have a score lower than 750 which would be optimal for these cases.

my cibil score is low

Generally all banks operating in India will require that the credit score be above or at least in the range of 750 points.

Contact CIBIL To Check Doubts About My Score

Today you can do many things from the comfort of your home or office. But it doesn’t really matter where you are, because in order to communicate with CIBIL, you only have to communicate from Monday to Friday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

You can do this by calling +91 – 226 – 140 – 4300, 266 – 384 – 666. Or also through the official website for online comunication of CIBIL, where just fill out a form and you can get out of any doubt quickly.

find out my cibil score

My Bank Was Checking My Score At CIBIL, Is It Legal?

Whenever you want to apply for a new loan at your bank or through a third party, you should keep in mind that they are perfectly entitled to see your CIBIL score, which is better than 750 points within the established range of 300 to 900.

If any bank looks at your credit history and it is below the law, it will be very difficult to get your loan approved.

But that is not the end of it, as there could be the possibility that someone close to you, or through something of value, could use it as an ally of your movements so that you can obtain the minimum score required in India by most banks operating in the country.

What Was My Latest CIBIL Score

In order to know what my latest cibil score was, I will only have to choose among the many options available on the web, as well as choose the best one among the ones just mentioned.

All of them comply with the required service to monitor my current cibil score from the comfort of my home. The best of all is that it is real time and it is very effective.

Every time I can see my credit history and know how my credit score is doing I can know how to make my next inter-bank moves, thus ensuring a high credit score at all times, which would lead to opting for the best credit options in the system.

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