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Exclusive – The Online Paths for Aadhar Card

Online aadhar card it was created through UIDAI who is the authority that was established in accordance with each of the provisions established within the Aadhar Law.

This law depends directly on the Ministry for Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY). Authority willing to do so.

The fundamental objective is to be able to issue identification numbers that are fundamentally unique (UID) and were named as Aadhar.

The idea is that the new aadhar card online be a robust system, fundamentally to avoid both duplicate and false identities.

Another concern of UIDAI is that verification and authentication is extremely easy and also profitable for people.

Another aspect is the security of information for identity and also for authentication records for each new aadhar card online application.

It is possible to observe that UIDAI strives to try to provide for the residents of India a service as well as simple that also offers security.

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How to Get Online the Aadhar Card

By sending the total of all the documents online aadhar card and also the biometric data, it is generally possible to get aadhar card online.

Knowing how to get aadhar card online is not complicated, follow these:

• Visit www. Through
• Complete the form, either through the Aadhar number or the registration number.
• If you download aadhar card online by aadhar number, also enter the name, PIN and also the mobile number with which the registration was made.
• If aadhar card download online by enrollment no, enter date and time as indicated on the receipt.
• After entering all the details mentioned above in each case, an OTP will be generated per SMS.
• Enter the OTP in its corresponding box and you will be able to download the Aadhar card.

Aadhar Card Online Form

To download aadhar card online form this does not generate cost, so any citizen resident of India has the opportunity to do so.

Although UIDAI centers are in the best disposition to help, this service is only provided for aadhar card online application form.

To obtain the new aadhar card apply online form it is required to go to www. Through

Subsequently the form is necessary to be filled in properly, trying to ensure that all the information is correct.

Another online service is to know the location of the UIDAI center, for city level I, go to www.

For other cities, they may also have access to all this information at www. Through

When making the respective submission of the form, it is mandatory for any case to attach certain documents that can support each data, for example, proof of identity.

When accepted, the biometric data must be registered, such as fingerprints and iris scanning, as well as the applicant’s photograph.

Aadhar Card Online Update

There is a mode for self-service where you can check aadhar card update status online through the UIDAI portal.

The Aadhar number, as well as a cell phone that is duly registered, are essential to achieve the aadhar card update online.

The OTP will then be authenticated and the process for the update will be ready only at the moment in which each of the documents for supporting or proving the POA change is uploaded.

Each data placed will be verified at a later stage through the administrative office through an official UIDAI verifier.

The update does not represent any problem, but it is important to know the full detail for each document requested.


Aadhar Card Online Correction

There are guidelines for aadhar card correction online and completing it correctly:

• Download form on the corresponding website.
• Enter online aadhar card information and Captcha code.
• Generate OTP password.
• Enter the received OTP, then “Send”.
• Select and verify only those fields within which a correction is required.
• Subsequently correct or update them.
• Scan the requested document for each case and then upload it, this will serve as proof of the requested process.
• The system will issue a number for said updated request (URN).
• It is recommended to print URN if necessary.

Aadhar Card Online Check

UIDAI provides facilities to all card holders Aadhar, this thanks to several functions to aadhar card verification online.

Now when logging in to UIDAI, the aadhar card status check online will be added, as well as the status of updates, among others.

The following will be needed:

• Registration ID with their respective date and time.
• Registered mobile number.

Having this information with you, verification will be easy, but if you have lost the ID received for registration, you can recover it like this:

• Log in to UIDAI.
• Select “Recover lost UID / EID”.
• Enter details requested in each of the fields intended for such purposes, must match exactly those provided in the registration.
• Send OTP.
• Receive OTP by SMS.
• Enter OTP only in the field for it.
• “Verify OTP”.
• Receive two-way registration ID, email or sms.

Aadhar Card Online Apply

It should be known to those who aspire and e aadhar card download online that there is no possibility to register online.

But if you have the important alternative of having the service to aadhar card online appointment and do it in selected and available centers.

Unable to add aadhar card online apply, you must personally attend the enrollment centers that are arranged by the Aadhar card.

The process consists of entering UIDAI and subsequently requesting the desired appointment online for Aadhar card, this service is currently in test mode in selected centers.

All UIDAI centers for enrollment currently may not be able to request appointments for what must be done online.
Likewise, the locality may not appear on the web, so in this case you will have to go personally to Aadhar card centers.

The appointment serves in any case to save time, if this is not available, it is also possible to be attended and make the request.

Aadhar Card Online Print

The following will be followed for aadhar card online print:

With Aadhar Number

• After the aadhar card online registration visit UIDAI site.
• Select “download Aadhar” or go to www. Through
• Enter “Aadhar” in “I have”.
• Enter the Aadhar number with its 12 digits, if you do not want it to be visible, select “Masked Aadhar”.
• Enter Captcha and then “Send OTP”.
• Enter OTP after receipt via SMS.
• Complete the survey and then click on “Verify and download”.

With Registration Number

• Visit UIDAI site.
• Press “Download Aadhar” button.
• Enter registration ID, this consists of 14 digits, also important date and time.
• Full name, PIN and then enter Captcha observed in image.
• “Request OTP” will automatically generate it via SMS.
• “Verify OTP” and ready, then “Download Aadhar”, this culminates.



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