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Torrent Power Limited, leading brand in the Indian power secto

This electricity company known as Torrent Power Limited, leading Brand in the Indian power sector, has been dedicated for some years to the supply of a quality and consistent energy service that has always been present in homes and businesses in the Indian Territory.

It is one of the leading brands in the Indian power sector, which has effectively and rapidly marketed power to its subscribers in the Indian Territory.

Its vast experience in all aspects of energy service distribution in Gujarat has been among the best in the private sector.

Subscribers should take a look at Torrent power share Price to see that they are on the right track by choosing their brand name in electricity.

Access Torrent Power Customer Portal

Download app Torrent Power Connect

With the Torrent Customer Portal application, all customer management is much easier and more accessible, since multiple functions can be managed through it, such as:

  • Viewing invoices to know the amount owed.
  • Make payments of overdue invoices with the Torrent Power Bill Pay
  • Knowing the amounts of previous consumptions.
  • Knowing the customer number.
  • Formulate complaints and claims.

So now customers can better enjoy their class design, make comparisons and develop all the features of these functions.

Among some features is the ability to translate customer denominations and requirements into any language. They can also pay for any other type of services offered by the company to its customers.

Users can also calculate the amount of their consumption using the company’s bill calculator as a support tool.

How to get Torrent Power bill online

To obtain your electric energy billing from the utility company Torrent Power, you must follow the following steps:

  • The first thing the subscriber must do is to download the company’s app online.
  • Follow the login process with the customer data.
  • In the options button, select “Pay now”.
  • Then select the payment method of your preference.
  • Proceed to evacuate your card/Net Banking/UPI or e-Wallet data.

Once you have completed all the steps and made your payment, you can print your payment receipt to keep it in a separate folder if you prefer this option to a virtual folder.

You will have successfully completed the Torrent Power Bill Payment function.

How to check Torrent Power meter reading?

To check your Torrent Power meter reading in India, you can do it directly from the meter that has been installed by the company at your home or workplace.

You can also do it by downloading an app from your smart phone and in this way you will be able to know the exact date of the next reading of your Torrent Power meter.

Then customers can proceed to the next step which would be Torrent Power quick pay.

How to pay Torrent Power bill online?

We will now report on how to make a payment of bills from the electric utility company Torrent Power in India:

  • The first thing is to look for the Mobikwik app that the company has created to facilitate these steps.
  • After you have it in front of your eyes on the screen of your smartphone, proceed to locate the section where it says “Recharge and bill payment”.
  • Select your operator Torrent Utility.
  • Evacuate your consumer number and continue following the instructions with “Go”.
  • Once your bill appears on the screen, proceed to make your payment with the Torrent Power Payment action.

How to change name in Torrent Power?

  • In case the User or subscriber of the company Torrent Power wishes to change his name due to transfer, he can proceed as follows:
  • – Go to one of the company’s branches in the different cities of India.
  • – Communicate through its website or send a message requesting the change service.
  • – Using the app that the company has made available to serve as a tool for its subscribers.
  • – Calling the phone numbers that the company has available to its customers and ask for the name change. With Torrent Power bill donwnload, the user can present his customer number and proceed to the name change.

Download app Torrent Power Connect

When the user of the company Torrent Power wants to connect with the electric utility company, he must do it through Download app Torrent Power Connect.

With this new app, the company’s customers can perform multiple tasks related to their services, among these we can mention the following:

  • View your bill on screen to know its status.
  • Make bill payments.
  • Make complaints or claims.
  • Make suggestions.
  • Sign up or unsubscribe.
  • Change user names.
  • Request the services of a technician in case of service failures.
  • Find out about your next billing and calculate the approximate amount by current metering.

In addition to the aforementioned, the customer can carry out some other procedures related to the services that Torrent Power provides to its users.

With this mind, you only have to enter the PlayStore so that you can easily download the app